Consigning a Flute

Please note that we are not taking consignments at this time. Thank you.


Consigning through a flute broker has become an increasingly popular method of selling used instruments the past two decades, thanks to the internet. The first step in selling your flute or piccolo is to have it serviced and adjusted by a repair technician. The tech will inspect and play the flute and make any necessary repairs or adjustments in order to put it in top playing condition. If you cannot have your flute serviced, we can help. Next, you can fill out a consignment agreement once your flute has been repaired and is ready to sell. Please contact us first prior to shipping your instrument so we can give you an estimate price of what to expect to make after a sale. We can guide you in setting the sale price by recommending one based on typical sale prices of similar flutes, piccolos, or headjoints in similar condition and age. A lower price will not be accepted from a buyer without expressed consent from you, and you may request a lower sale price at any time.


The Flute Market offers many great services. We work vigorously to find a buyer for your instrument or headjoint and our large network ensures that your item receives the highest visibility possible. We'll work with you to help you get the price you want. The Flute Market also offers complimentary one week trials and accepts all major credit cards, two features most players privately selling their instruments cannot extend to potential buyers. And most importantly, The Flute Market secures payment, so you don't have to worry about non-paying customers or scams.


After a sale is completed, you will then receive the sale price you requested. The Flute Market retains a commission of 15% (minimum $100) from the advertised price. The Flute Market may lower its commission to sell a flute to ensure that you receive your desired sale price. Print your consignment agreement today if you would like to sell your instrument or headjoint.


Please do not send your instrument(s) until you have contacted The Flute Market

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