Flute-related Links

The National Flute Association is the largest flute organization in the world, with roughly 7,000 members, of which The Flute Market is a commercial member.


Larry Krantz has an informative site with hard to find topics such as auditioning for college and performance health.


Jennifer Cluff is a Canadian flutist who has devoted a lot of time to writing intelligent, informative articles pertaining to playing the flute.


The Galway Network is the official site of James Galway, arguably the most famous flutist of our time. His articles and videos are invaluable to flutists of all levels.


Nina Perlove is an American flute professor who has posted many informative vlogs (video blogs) about different aspects of flute technique. Likewise, her performances are well worth a listen.


Patrick Dillery, a talented professional flutist and teacher in New York City, recently released a breathtaking CD titled "A Flutist's Journey". It is available for purchase at his website or on itunes.


Sideblown Technologies, headed by David Chu, makes wood and bamboo head joints. He also specializes in restoration of Louis Lot flutes.


Malarskey Woodwinds, headed by Steve Malarskey, is a Powell and Haynes certified repair site that performs outstanding work on professional handmade flutes.


John Ranck is an active performer, private teacher, and professor of flute. His Dr. John's Flute Clinic contains valuable flute-related advice pertaining to practicing and performing.


Flutegigs is a convenient place to find a professional flutist for your wedding, party, or other special event requiring that personal touch.


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