Selling a Flute

Please note that we are not taking consignments at this time. Thank you.


If you have a piccolo, concert flute, larger flute, or headjoint you are interested in selling, The Flute Market offers consignment services to maximize the money you can receive for your used instrument or headjoint. We have found that consignment services work best for both sellers, who are generally looking to receive top dollar for their instruments, and buyers, who want to purchase a flute or piccolo that is ready to play and properly adjusted upon arrival.


The first step in selling your flute or piccolo is to have it serviced by a repair technician. The tech will inspect and play the flute and make any necessary repairs in order to put it in top playing condition. Headjoints typically do not need to be serviced prior to selling unless they have any noticeable dents or deep scratches. Once the flute has been serviced, you’re ready to contact The Flute Market with the details of your instrument. When sending your email, please include a clear closeup photo, and the maker and model number of your flute.


Once you’ve contacted The Flute Market and we know your instrument is coming, you can prepare it for shipping. Please read our shipping guide if you have any questions on how to properly ship a flute. Be sure to send a signed copy of your consignment agreement and a copy of your most recent repair/ service receipt as well.


When your instrument arrives, you’ll be contacted by The Flute Market, and will be told when you can expect your instrument to be listed for sale. You’ll also be alerted anytime your instrument goes out for trial, and of course, when it sells and you can expect payment.


If you have any questions about the selling process, please visit our consignment page or contact us. We look forward to working with you!





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