Shipping a flute

Before shipping your flute to The Flute Market or a flute technician for repairs, take a few moments and be sure to remember these points to protect your valuable instrument:


  • Be sure to include identification with your flute. If you are shipping to The Flute Market, fold and rubber band your Consignment Agreement to your case. If you are shipping for repairs, insert an index card with your contact information inside your case.
  • The flute shouldn't move around in its case. If you feel the flute could shift in its case during shipment, gently wrap some tissue paper around the parts of the flute for more security. However, don't use so much that you must now force the case closed; it should still be able to gently snap shut.
  • Wrap your case in a layer of bubble wrap. This will prevent the latches from possibly opening as well as add water protection and shock absorption. Tape the bubble wrap with packaging tape.
  • If possible, use a brand new box. This will ensure that the box is rigid and capable of protecting your shipment. If using a gently used box, make sure it is in excellent condition, the corners and flaps are strong, and remove any previous shipping labels from the box.
  • The flute case shouldn't move around in the box. Use plenty of packing peanuts, air pillows, or bubble wrap. If you close the box flaps, shake the box and hear the flute moving inside, you need more packing material inside your box. Also, the size of the box is important. For a single flute, a box at least 20x6x6 works well. A larger box is fine but don't use one so large that you might be charged extra for shipping. Use a box that allows you to fill it with packing material on all sides. Tape the top of the box with at least two layers of packaging tape.
  • All carriers are professionals at handling deliveries so use the one most convenient for you but do make sure to select a service with tracking information. For particuarly valuable professional instruments, add insurance if you don't have any and select a faster shipping speed such as 2 day or express. Basic instruments should suffice with ground or priority mail with signature confirmation.
  • There are shipping companies that specialize in packing and shipping of items, and flutes are no exception. They will make sure your flute is securely packaged and ready to ship for a small fee.

Still have questions? Contact The Flute Market.



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