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I purchased my handmade Haynes flute from The Flute Market. I was provided with valuable information in regard to different options for what I was looking for and the characteristics and specs of a number of different instruments, which helps a lot when you're buying online and there's no chance of trying many different instruments before making your decision.

My new flute covers my needs in all aspects, but in the event of not being entirely satisfied with the instrument, I was offered a return policy which fortunately I didn't have to use.

Ann Running was in charge of the transaction. She provided exceptional customer/seller comunication in every aspect and a very valuable assesment [of the flute]. The transaction was 100% clear and all its aspects were previously specified via email. Shipping was professional and properly prepared to avoid any kind of in-transit problems. The instrument arrived in tip-top condition, perfectly even keywork and cosmetically impecable, just as I was told it was before buying.

Highly reliable store; Excellent flute shopping experience.
Juan Sak of Ft. Lauderdale, FL



Working with Ann [owner of The Flute Market] was a delight. Everything went smoothly and easily and was hassle free. I’ll be happy to use The Flute Market again.

Robert Dick, New York, New York


Again, thank you for working with us and coming up with a compromise that made this purchase work for us. We appreciate doing business with you and will certainly look to you again in the future. You have been very good to work with and we have had a good experience with The Flute Market and will most definitely recommend you to others we know. I think an alto flute in on my daughter’s list to start saving for next.

Charlene Michel of Ft. Luptin, CO


I've been very satisfied with my new flute and have been very satisfied with your company. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. I am proud to be the owner of this Haynes flute.

Ever since I became a serious musician and composer, I continued to teach and perform on saxophone clarinet and flute. For a long time it has been my desire to obtain a professional quality flute ( a Haynes in particular) but it has only been recently that I have had the wherewithal to make this dream come about. On top of that, this instrument has such a wonderful history! Thanks again, and I will enjoy every moment playing on this fine instrument.

Jay Vosk, Tuscon, Arizona


I'm really satisfied with the piccolo! I still think that it compared very favorably with the five more expensive (new) wood piccolos that I had on trial that week. Your communication, information, and shipping were excellent. Thanks so much for sending it and for being so good at communicating and answering questions.

Richard Wallis from Oakland, California


If you are looking to sell your used flute for a great deal, or looking to purchase a flute at an extremely competitive price, look no further! It was my pleasure to have done business with The Flute Market and I would (and will) recommend it to every aspiring flautist I know. Rest assured that your instrument will be in great hands when dealing with this business. I am sure I will be working with them again in the future!

Scott Douglass from Columbia Station, OH


The Flute Market is very prompt, and so very generous for allowing a trial before purchase. The instrument was in very nice condition when it arrived. This experience has definitely been a great one, and thank you for letting me try it for a couple extra days. I am very happy to have discovered them. I would definitely do business with The Flute Market again!

Tara Planas from Hanapepe, Hawaii


Ann [owner of The Flute Market] was very easy to work with. We appreciated the option to try to flute before buying…even though we are halfway across the country. The price along with the quality was the best found. I would definitely recommend The Flute Market to anyone interested in buying. Thanks!!!

Kristy Crouch from Lincoln, Nebraska


Just bought a fantastic Powell wood headjoint from Ms. Hughes at The Flute Market. This is my first foray into pro-level flutes and Ms. Hughes was more encouraging and helpful than I expected. The transaction was smooth and fast; I didn't really need much of a trial, but it was a relief knowing I had the option. I will certainly keep an eye on her list in the future.

Patrick O'Hara from Salem, Oregon


The selection of a way to sell a prized Powell flute could not be a haphazard choice. After much search on the Internet and other avenues, I felt best about the Flute Market. Ann has a wonderful business sense and was very helpful with any questions. I could relax because I knew the flute was in good hands. You can trust Ann. She is there for you and will take good care of your interests!

L. Allen


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